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New Zealand
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Taupo Bungy: Taupo Cliffhanger

NZ's only extreme cliff swing situated in Taupo, at the stunningly scenic Taupo Bungy site. Solo or tandem swings available for this feet-first adrenalin rush, reaching speeds of 70kph. Minimum weight only 30kgs, making this a fantastic option for families. Located only 5mins from Taupo CBD.

New Zealand’s extreme swing opened in December 2009, and has since had over 10,00 brave souls freefall on this epic experience.

Located at the Taupo Bungy site, this newest adrenaline rush adds another dimension to the plethora of adventure activities in the Lake Taupo region. It offers those who are challenged by the idea of hanging upside down, a feet-first mind-blowing rush.

The swing itself, is operated from a platform, 44 metres above the Waikato River. For those that take on the extreme swing, our crew will get them signed up and weighed, then it’s off to the platform for a full body harnessing. Once the harness is connected, its action time! Swingers can choose a countdown or the surprise option, either way the release cord is pulled and the freefall kicks in.

Swinging right down towards the crystal clear waters below, then arcing up to nearly 180°, the experience will reach speeds of up to 70kph. As the swinging slows, one can finally enjoy the beautiful scenery as you enjoy the ride back to the platform. Swingers can choose whether to go solo or tandem.

And don't forget to purchase some proof of your swing, so that you can brag to all of your friends via Facebook, Email or in Person! Photos and a video of your swinging experience can be viewed following your swing and then you decide whether or not to purchase them. You choose how you want them - online, disk, flashstick or printed (photos only).

If you're really looking for a thrilling day, why not double the fun and do a Bungy & Swing Combo, or try one of our package deals with Taupo Tandem Skydiving; Huka Falls Jet; Big Sky Parasail; or Tongariro River Rafting. Ask about any of these upgrades on-site.


Open: 364 days per year. Hours: 9.30am until 4.30pm winter; 9.30am until 5.00pm* summer.

(*may be extended by prior arrangement)

Complimentary pick-ups available. Phone 0800 888 408 to book yours!

Video $45

Photos $45

Video and Photos $80

T-shirts (if purchased separately from media) $35