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Starting From AU$179.00
Starting From AU$179.00

Sunrise Bungy and Breakfast

The BEST way to kickstart your day is to Bungy Jump while the world is waking up & the sun is rising!! INVIGORATING is an understatement!! And we're including an Aussie Breakfast Buffet too!!  

Fit the most into your day in Cairns! We can drop you back to Reef Fleet Terminal by 840am (for checkin to the Great Barrier Reef) OR to your hotel by 9am ready for your next adventure! 

And as we know 'You're not yourself when you're hungry'..... so we're including an Aussie Breakfast Buffet too!! (Pancake Station, with assorted Condiments, Whole Fruit, Cereal and Milk, Cold Water, Basic Tea and Coffee.)

People Bungy Jump for all sorts of reasons: To say "I DID IT", to win a bet or impress the babes. All noble reasons, BUT the best reason to jump is to conquer your fears and challenge yourself. To PUSH yourself to the edge, past the sweaty palms, the dry throat and the squirms of your stomach to accomplish something that can't be described unless experienced. JUST JUMP ALREADY!!

Why Bungy Jump ??

There is a strong sense of ground rush as you free fall, which is what makes Bungy Jumping an extremely stimulatory experience for your senses. When adrenalin is released in the body people tend to feel a noticeable increase in strength and a sudden boost of energy which is why people have such a sense of Euphoria after they Jump.

The feeling of accomplishment and self-achievement gained from a Bungy Jump is more empowering than that of any other adventure activity.

Conquering a fear can be a life-changing experience. 

What makes AJ Hackett Cairns such a Unique Bungy location?

Australia's ONLY Bungy Site

All weather activity 

World Class Crew 

Nestled in World Heritage Rainforest overlooking the Great Barrier Reef



Over 4 million Bungy Jumps worldwide, 0 fatalities and counting

Always use 2 points of safety attachment to each customer

All equipment replaced after 1/3 of usable life - All cords made to do 1500 jumps but are retired after 500

Need to Know

10yrs minimum age for Bungy - Child Rates available

Minimum weight for solo jump is 45kgs

Jumpers 25-45kgs can still tandem with a friend, family member or one of our crew

No maximum body weight for standard jumps. 

Day 1 : Sunrise Activity including Breakfast - 3 hrs Duration
1. Customers will be picked up at designated location and transferred to the Bungy Site which is approximately 20-25 minute drive north from Cairns CBD 2. Customers will be escorted via a short walk through World Heritage Rainforest from the bus stop to the Main building and introduced to a crew member on arrival. They will be directed to our registration iPad's to fill in and sign their Adventure Activities Waiver and Release forms (available in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese) 3. After completing the Waiver, the Customers will then need to provide a copy of their voucher/booking number to our Reception team. If no hard copy, an email version will be needed. 4. The Reception team will assist with weigh-in process and issue the Customers Boarding passes for the Bungy Jump and Jungle Swing. 5. Make sure there nothing loose on your customers before heading up Tower or to the Swing (small lockers are available for hire) 6. After completing activities, return to the reception team to view Photos & Videos in the Media area - time to brag!!! 7. Aussie Breakfast Buffet included in this activity. 7. The bus driver will return the customers to either the Reef Fleet terminal or their Hotel/Hostel accommodation.
Meals :Breakfast

545am - Pickup from Cairns CBD Hotel & Hostel Accommodations

840am - Arrive Reef Fleet Terminal

9am - Arrive Cairns CBD Hotel & Hostel Accommodations

Extra Costs: Videos and Photos & Additional activities must be paid directly to AJHC

Bungy Media options

Ultimate Media Package = $119 (Includes Full HD Videos & Photos)

Only Video = $99

Only Photos = $99

Additional Activities

2nd Jump = $49

3rd Jump = $30

4th Jump = $20

5th Jump = Free

Tandem Jump* Fee = $15

Roof Jump* Upgrade = $25

BMX Jump* Upgrade = $50

*Conditions apply