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Starting From AU$119.00
Starting From AU$119.00

Skydive Australia: Skydive Cairns

Skydive in tropical paradise with Skydive Cairns and it will become an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Warm tropical climate and spectacular views of the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage Rainforests. Why look else where?

Up to 14,000ft tandem skydive (up to 60 seconds freefall)

What's Included:
-free Air-conditioned transfers to and from your accommodation (Cairns and northern beaches included)
-15 minute spectacular scenic flight over Cairns, Great Barrier Reef and rainforest

-Skydive from up to 14,000ft
-Cairns' largest drop zone for smoother, safer landings
-Latest modern parachutes equipped with backup automatic parachute deployment computer, jumpsuits and goggles
-Jump certificate of your skydive

Extra charge of $35 APF (Australian Parachute Federation) levy apply and is payable on the day of the skydive.

Must be over 12 years old (if under 18yrs, require parent/guardian consent form- please ring in advance for this to be forwarded).  Passengers should be reasonably fit and no more than 110kg*conditions apply: Weight restrictions: 95kg-99Kg $25 surcharge, 100-104kg $50 surcharge, 105-110kg $100 surcharge. Weight surcharge is payable upon check-in, directly to skydive office.

Requirements: Comfy clothes, closed shoes.

Skydiving is not permitted after doing the following:
-Deep Sea Diving (24hrs after)
-Certificate Diving (24hrs after)
-Introductory Diving (12hrs after)

Skydive Cairns is the premier skydiving company in Australia. This site has been written with the novice and experienced skydiver in mind. It really is something that needs to be experience to be believed. The feeling is beyond compare.

Tandem Skydive is the ultimate opportunity to experience the freedom and exhilaration of the fastest human powered sport on earth. From the doorstep of your accommodation, to a spectacular flight with views of the Reef and Rainforest and through the sensation of freefall, the instructors of Skydive Cairns will guide you all the way.

The great advantage of a tandem skydive is that you don’t need any experience, only a 10 minute instruction and training and you are on your way. You'll be attached to your instructor and few moments later, exit the aircraft at up to 14,000 ft and skydiving to earth at speed 200 kph. This is one of the most extreme adrenalin sensations you'll ever experience - imagine free falling from up to 14,000 ft (4000 m), for up to 60 seconds exhilarating free fall with your professional Tandem Master. Then your instructor will pull the parachute cord and together you fly under canopy and you can enjoy spectacular views of the Great Barrier Reeft and World Heritage Rainforest for approximately 4-5 minutes, descending slowly, making gentle turns through the sky. You can also assist in steering the parachute during the ride down and then you safely land on the drop-zone.



-Free air-conditioned bus transfer from your accommodation to our five star skydive training facility
-Registration, and the option to purchase a DVD or photos of your skydive (handycam)
-Introduction to your tandem master
-All personalized training and instruction
-Watching promo DVD
-Air-conditioned bus transfer to airport
-Flying up to 14,000 ft height
-Jump out of the perfectly good aero plane
-You have up to 60 seconds exhilarating free fall (your freefall speed is over 200km/h)
-The parachute is deployed and you fly under the canopy for another 4-5 minutes with the opportunity to steer your own parachute with amazing views of the World Heritage Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef
-Landing at our exclusive Drop zone
-After you land our bus will take you back to the training centre and here you will have time to take in the experience and watch your film being created.
-You will get a personalized photo certificate of your skydive (photo of you and your tandem master and / or your friends)

If you’ve decided for the DVD you can enjoy entire experience again watching it on our flat screen TV while in the viewing area surrounded by your friends.
And then is time for celebration!

Daily from 7am to 4pm
(weather permitting- allow a HALF DAY)

Free bus pick up:  From accommodation (hotels, motels, caravan parks, hostels, resorts) in Cairns and Northern Beaches or meet at Unit 4 & 5 / 97 Tom McDonald Drive Aeroglen, Cairns, QLD 4870.

Pick up for extra charge from Port Douglas also available.

!!!IMPORTANT Skydive Cairns PICK up times update, effective from 1st of September 2014!!!

7:00am pick up

Zone 1 @ 6:45am Custom pick up available

Zone 2 @ 6:55am Custom pick up available

Zone 3 Cairns City

@ 7:00am Bunda Street (behind Cairns Central at train station drop off)

@ 7:05am Gilligans on Grafton Street

@ 7:10am 3-5 Star Hotel pick up available

@ 7:15am CNR of Esplanade and Shields Street (opposite McDonalds Restaurant)

Zone 4 @ 7:20am Custom pick up available

 @ 7:20am CNR of Grafton and Grove Street (out front of the Cock N Bull Restaurant)

Zone 5 @ 6:30am Northern Beaches (only available at 6:30am)

8:30am pick up

Zone 1 @ 8:15am Custom pick up available

Zone 2 @ 8:25am Custom pick up available

Zone 3 CITY

?@ 8:30am Bunda st

@ 8:35am Gilligans

@ 8:40am all Hotels

@ 8:45am Cnr of Esplanate and Shields St

Zone 4 @ 8:50am Custom pick up and @ 8:50am cnr of Grafton and Grove st

10:00am pick up

Zone 1 @ 9:45am Custom pick up available

Zone 2 @ 9:55am Custom pick up available

Zone 3 CITY

?@ 10:00am Bunda st

@ 10:05am Gilligans

@ 10:10am all Hotels

@ 10:15am Cnr of Esplanate and Shields St

Zone 4 @ 10:20am Custom pick up and @ 10:20am cnr of Grafton and Grove st

12:30pm pick up

Zone 1 @ 12:15pm Custom pick up available

Zone 2 @ 12:25pm Custom pick up available

Zone 3 CITY

?@ 12:30pm Bunda st

@ 12:35pm Gilligans

@ 12:40pm all Hotels

@ 12:45pm Cnr of Esplanate and Shields St

Zone 4 @ 12:50pm Custom pick up and @ 12:50pm cnr of Grafton and Grove st

2:30pm pick up

Zone 1 @ 2:15pm Custom pick up available

Zone 2 @ 2:25pm Custom pick up available

Zone 3 CITY

?@ 2:30pm Bunda st

@ 2:35pm Gilligans

@ 2:40pm all Hotels

@ 10:15pm Cnr of Esplanate and Shields St

Zone 4 @ 2:50pm Custom pick up and @ 2:50pm cnr of Grafton and Grove st

Optional Extras: Photos or DVD, available for purchase for extra charge

Extras: AU$35 Parachute levy and admin fee