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Starting From $6,430.00

Mojosurf: Academy - 2 Month Surf Development Course

Are you looking forward to your next beach-side holiday? Why keep the beach days for holidays only!? Become a surfer with Mojosurf and live on the beach at the famous Mojosurf Camp - Spot X. Turn your holiday into your new life and live the dream.

There is no better place to improve your surfing skills than at our surf camps.  Here you eat and breathe surf and surf culture, having the opportunity improve your surf skills along some of the best surf coaches in the country. Just like the one month course but double the time living on the beach, making lifelong friends, increasing your skills and becoming a surfer!

If you are interested in improving your surf skills, then the one or two month development course is for you. 

The desire to improve your surfing
18 years and over with basic swimming skills

Increased surf skills
Ocean Fitness

This is a two month course facilitating the development of the following skills:
-Practical Development of beginner to intermediate surf skills
-Perform a bottom and top turn on unbroken waves up to 1 metre
-Demonsrate ability to ride right and left breaking waves
-Surf safety knowledge
-Surf equipment knowledge and application
-Level 2 instructors to guide you

-60 nights dorm style accommodation
-Breakfst, Lunch and Dinner every day while at the camp
-Mojosurf 5 Day Great Aussie Adventure
-2 days off a week to explore the surrounding surf locations

SPECIAL!! 10% off for start dates in April, May or June 2015!

Day 1-5: Head to Spot X with the 5 Day Great Aussie Guided Group Adventure. Instead of leaving Spot X n day 5, you will stay and start your Academy program.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Day 6-61: During your time at our camp you will be totally focused on improving your technical skills, ocean experience, ocean awareness, fitness, and living the life of a surfer. We’ll challenge and coach you through various levels of your development and get you well on your way to becoming a surfer.  You will have weekends off from lessons, fitness and theory sessions to surf when you want, relax at the camp or explore the surroundings. On your last day head to either Sydney, Byron Bay or Brisbane. 

Departs each Monday at 7.00am from Bus Bays 8-10, Eddy Avenue, Central Station, Sydney

OR for Southbound departures

Departs each Monday 12noon from Jonson Street Bus Stop, Byron Bay

Departs each Monday at 7:00am from Greyhound Terminal, Level 3, Roma St Bus Station, Brisbane