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Starting From AU$70.00
Starting From AU$70.00

Dolphin Swim Australia: Wild Dolphin Swim

Swim with wild dolphins in the blue water wonderland of Port Stephens.  You are face to face with wild friendly dolphins, as you are being towed through the water on our 50ft catamaran. This is your opportunity to experience wild friendly dolphins in their natural environment.   

Swim with wild dolphins in the blue water wonderland of Port Stephens. Imagine yourself face to face with wild friendly dolphins. Fitted with a mask, fins, snorkel, and wetsuit you are ready for adventure. A sea bridle is positioned between the twin hulls of our 50ft ocean catamaran. Swimmers are fitted with a safety harness and lanyard and enter the water securely fastened.

Hold on as you are towed through the water while inquisitive dolphins come up to have a look and have a play. You are right in the middle of a pod of traveling dolphins, viewing them happy and free in their ocean world.  It is a magical playground where the dolphins call the shots and allow human swimmers to enter their social groups.

On this interactive cruise:

  • You will learn about dolphin behaviour, anatomy, and intelligence.
  • 2 marine scientists on board at all times.
  • Photos and video captured throughout the cruise.
  • Free feature clip of the day.
  • An opportunity to encounter wild friendly dolphins in their natural environment with a proven success rate.
  • Comprehensive disc of photos and video (above and below the water) available for purchase. 

A true breakthrough in human / dolphin interaction, and a trip you will not soon forget!

  • 5:20am - Amrrive at d'Albora Marina then head over to Lets go Adventures Dive shop to collect wetsuit
  • 5:40am - Board vessl and check in with manifest. Sign the necessary paperwork and stow gear below.   
  • 5:50am - Take seat on front deck for training and briefing. 
  • 6:00am - Vessel departs for dolphin grounds
  • 6:30am - Vessel enters open water and begins to locate the dolphins
  • 7:30am - Lecture on dolphin behaviour, anatomy, and inteligence
  • 9:30am - Vessel begins to exit open water and make the trip back to dock
  • 10:00am - Tour is complete and guests exit vessel. 

It is important to note that all our cruises are weather and numbers dependant. We must have 15 people in order to commence a swim.  It is important to keep at least two days open as 24 hours can make all the different in getting clients out to open ocean if we experience strong wind and seas. 

Cruise leaves from d'Albora Marina which is located on Teramby Rd. in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens.

Daily cruises upon demand with a group of at least 15 min swimmers.

Regular cruises commence every weekend, weather and numbers permitting.

Time: 5:30am arrive at dock to pick up wetsuit -  walk down to dock C and board the vessel "Imagine"Departure time is 6:00am sharp

The cruise ends  at 10:00am where gusts vacate the vessl at d'Albora Marina in same location. 

You are able to purchase a video disc of the day with photos, and special highlights both above and below the water line. 

The cost of this disk is $50 -   available on the day.