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Starting From AU$595.00
Starting From AU$595.00

Byron Bay Dive Centre: Freediving - Apnea Level 1

Apnea level 1 gives students the ability to dive on a single breath to a maximum of 20m to explore the underwater world in a fun and exiting atmosphere.

Byron Bay Dive Centre: Freediving - Apnea Level 1

Since the introduction of our courses earlier this year, people in the age range 14 - 60 have been discovering that Freediving is more than just a sport, students are realising that it is actually a change of lifestyle, incorporating elements of fitness, yoga, meditation and nutrition. For many Freedivers it is a route to self- discovery which guides them to live a peaceful, positive and healthy life with complete peace of mind.

Commences: Friday runs until Sunday (8am- 4pm) Studenta re required to attend an orientation on the Thusday night (5pm) before the course starts for study material and gear size up.

Included: The Freediving - Apnea Level 1 course takes 3 days to complete. The course includes equipment hire, tuition, 2 confined water sessions, 3 open water sessions at Julian Rocks Marine Reserve and an experienced Freediving Instructor to help you learn all the skills necessary to become a qualified Freediver. The course also covers aspects of pranayama yoga, meditation and nutrition.

What to Bring: Swim suit, towel and any personal freedive equipment.
Reediving at Julian Rocks in waters 5m to 30m deep is now introducing Freedivers to the unique marine ecosystem within only a short distance of our shoreline, with over 1000 marine species which include resident turtles, gropers, many different species of rays, leopard and grey nurse sharks, barracuda, spanish mackerel, kingfish and jewfish, to name a few.The underwater terrain around Julian Rocks is also incredibly beautiful, with deep gutters, drop offs, swim-throughs, caves and arches.