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Starting From AU$64.00
Starting From AU$64.00

Big Nature Package + Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Rainforestation Nature Park (Army Duck, Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience & Wildlife Park) + Australian Butterfly Sanctuary. Option available for self-drive or including return shuttles from Kuranda Village. 


Experience the tropical rainforest from a totally unique perspective - aboard an amphibious World War II Army Duck (officially spelt DUKW). Rainforestation has 11 of these historical vehicles, which hold up to 30 passengers and have 6 wheel drive, propeller and rudder.

As you traverse part of the property on your unforgettable 45 minute rainforest tour, your knowledgeable Duck Captain / Guide will point out and explain ferns, orchids, strangler figs and stinging trees, as well as birds such as the Azure Kingfisher and a host of other animals and reptiles.

As you splash into the lake, be sure to smile as an automatic digital photo is taken. These are available for purchase at the Tropical Treats Juice Bar when you disembark.

With propeller engaged, your Army Duck cruises up to the water's edge whilst turtles, fish and eels swim up close. Keep an eye out for water dragons or pythons sunbaking or slithering up trees.

DUCK TIMES: 10am, 11am, 12noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm.

Learn about aboriginal culture with this interactive experience. This attraction is in two parts:


Witness a half hour show of traditional dance performance in a rainforest amphitheatre, depicting animals, food gathering, and hunting. The rainforest serves as the theatre walls whilst sounds of wildlife provide accompaniment to the haunting sounds of the didgeridoo and clapsticks. Be sure to watch closely - there's a surprise for the audience at the end!


This half-hour guided tour along an all weather walk-way modelled on the Rainbow Serpent gives you fascinating insight into aspects of aboriginal culture.

Try your hand at boomerang throwing - after a demonstration and a few lessons, you'll be ready to test your skills with this ancient aboriginal implement. The area is specially netted for your safety, as boomerangs do come back!

Observe spear-throwing - you'll be amazed at the distance the Pamagirri Guides can throw spears using a Woomera. One of our Guides, Jauwa, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records with a distance of 147.75 metres - that's one and a half football fields!

In the midst of traditional aboriginal dwellings, hear your Pamagirri Guide play the didgeridoo, an ancient instrument. Listen carefully for sounds imitating Kangaroos or the Kookaburra. You can also purchase authentic artwork and artefacts such as didgeridoos and boomerangs.

SHOW TIMES: 10:30am, 12noon, 2pm.
DREAMTIME WALK TIMES: 10am, 11am, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm.


Wander at your leisure or join a guided group with our experienced Wildlife Keepers. Covered boardwalks provide excellent viewing of native Australian animals, including crocodiles, wombat, dingoes, snakes, lizards, and the cassowary. Handfeed kangaroos and wallabies, or have your photo taken cuddling a cute koala (optional extra).

OPENING TIMES: 9am - 4pm, with talks and demonstrations throughout the day.


Australian  Butterfly  Sanctuary  is  the  largest  butterfly flight  aviary  and  exhibit  in  Australia. Home to over 2,000 magnificent tropical butterflies including the striking blue Ulysses and majestic green Cairns Birdwing, the sanctuary is an all-weather experience in the heart of Kuranda. You’ll be enchanted by these elusive wonders of nature as you wander through the aviary’s boardwalks and gardens with a picturesque rainforest backdrop. Our knowledgeable guides will take you through the aviary and our breeding laboratory, detailing a butterfly’s life cycle and its behaviour. Be sure to wear something bright and let these beautiful creatures flutter all over you! 

Day 1 : Big Nature Package + Australian Butterfly Sanctuary
Big Nature Package + Australian Butterfly Sanctuary
Meals :None

Open 7 days. Closed Christmas Day.

Rainforestation Nature Park: 9am to 4pm daily. 

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary: 9.45am to 4pm daily. 

Coach transfers can be arranged, see other Tropic Wings packages.