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Starting From AU$395.00
Starting From AU$395.00

Australian Surf Tours: Weekend Surf Camp

This is for somebody who wants to learn how to surf and enjoy the natural beauty of New South Wales' South Coast on uncrowded beaches. You can expect to see dolphins, kangaroos, possums,feed giant sting-rays and enjoy stories around a camp-fire. A truly great experience!!

2 Day & 2 Night weekend Surf Camp. (All inclusive)

Included in this tour is

  • all food (breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks).
  • camping equipment.
  • 8 hours of surf lessons.
  • Wetsuits and surfboards.
  • transport to and from the destination.
  • beautiful wildlife viewing and feeding.
  • two learn to surf lessons per day.

This camp offeres its guests the 'real aussie surfing experience'

Also available - 3 day surf camp

About us:

Australian Surf Tours is a small learn to surf and surf guiding business that specializes in Australia's East Coast. It was established in 2008, by two friends who love to surf. They will take you to Australia's most beautiful beaches and best surf spots.

Located in Sydney, we will take you to destinations such as  New South Wales' South Coast, we aim to provide a fun filled adventure that incorporates learning to surf with travel and adventure.

On an Australian Surf Tour you will eat, sleep and surf while enjoying the natural wonders of Australia's national parks by seeing dolphins, whales, giant stingrays, kangaroos, koalas, possums, bandicoots and a whole lot more.

Everyone is welcome at Australian Surf Tours whether novice or advanced and are ensured that they will never forget this surf campexperience!


Australian Surf Tours is a mobile surf camp. We take you to the best waves and the most scenic locations depending on the conditions. We have a base South of Sydney in a beautiful location surrounded by over 20 world-class surf spots and more Australian wildlife than you will see anywhere outside a zoo. Most of these surf breaks face in different directions so we can always find waves no matter where the wind and swell comes from. We also have a few secret surf spots North and South of Sydney just to keep it interesting!


For our learn to surf campers, we provide a minimum of two 2-hour lessons per day. These will incorporate all the knowledge you require to start your surfing life and get you to your feet. All surfboards and wetsuits are included for use.

For those who don't need to learn how to surf and are just coming to catch good waves, well, you can surf as much as your physically able to. Our guides will take you to the best surf breaks around after considering the swell and wind conditions. Whether it be hollow reef breaks, long point breaks or super fun beach breaks we will get you surfing the best waves Australia has to offer.


All of our Surf Instructors are qualified Level 1 Coaches through Surfing Australia or equivalent with the International Surfing Association (ISA). We employ expert surfers from all over the world so you can learn from a variety of styles and improve your surfing in the best way possible.

Classes will always have at least 1 instructor to 5 students so your safety, enjoyment and individual needs are met.


As surfers ourselves, we know how big an appetite you will have after 4 hours of learning to surf each day and the importance of eating healthy food to help your body recover. The food will be healthy and plentiful. You will experience some classic Aussie cuisine. You might even try a kangaroo burger or two!! Food is prepared in traditional ways most notably on a BBQ or in a camp oven: a real favourite with guests. There are plenty of snack foods to keep up the energy between meals as well.

For any guests with food allergies or special requirements, we are more than happy to provide an individual menu for you.


Camping style accommodation is all included on our tours. Large tents, comfortable beds and all bedding are also provided to make this an enjoyable travel option for all. We camp under the stars overlooking the ocean so whether you want to look for whales, wade in the rock pools or just relax in a hammock to the sound of the ocean you will be constantly stoked (Australian for happy and exited)!


The word "Australian" in our Surf Tours name was inspired partly by our desire to show people this beautiful un-crowded stretch of Australian coastline and partly by the wildlife that you see when you camp at Red Point. In a single day it is possible to see dolphins, whales, seals, possums, bandicoots, giant sting rays and the good old Aussie Kangaroo. There are also some beautifully coloured birds such as cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets and rosellas that will eat out of your hand if you wish. Between surfing, eating and relaxing we make a point of showing you everything there is to enjoy about the area – even eating oysters freshly cracked off the rocks!!


-Pickup at 6.30pm from 86 Regent street, Redfern.
-Arrive at the surf camp and settle in where an evening meal will be provided.

-Wake for breakfast to the sound of the ocean and step outside to amazing ocean views.
-Meet the local giant stingrays.
-First 2 hour surf lesson.
-Explore the local area.
-Second 2 hour surf lesson.
-Enjoy stories and maybe a few drinks around the camp. 

-Wake to the sound of the ocean and a pancake breakfast.
-Third 2 hour surf lesson.
-Forth 2 hour surf lesson & free surf.
-Head back to finish our trip in Sydney.

Departs: from outside 86 Regent Street Redfern, every Friday at 6.30pm.

We also pick up at Sydney central station, Bondi, Coogee and Kings cross.

Just let us know upon booking and we will organise it for you.

If it is hard to get to our pick up location just give us a call and we will arrange a different pick up location.

Returns:  At the end of the surf camp we will drop you off at 86 Regent Street Redfern at approximately 7pm on Sunday.